June 26, 2003

Wait for it...

…and we’re back.

We have, of course, been back for nearly two weeks now. I found I needed to ease back into things as much as possible. Including this website. I couldn’t stay away long though. And, in the so-called “off” time, I’ve been tinkering with a new PHP-powered monstrosity of my own devising, affectionately code-named “Big Fat Headache”. More on that later.

How was the trip you ask? Awesome. Friendly people. Amazing architecture. Great weather. Impressive churches. Excellent food. Phenomenal museums. (I’m running out of synonyms for “nice”.) We had a lot of fun. Tabitha kept me from starving to death and getting horribly lost by coaxing me into actually talking to people. The only major detractor was that my allergies went off the charts constantly and the Allegra didn’t help.

What have we been up to since we’ve been back you ask? Lots. We went to Art’s high school graduation party. We went hiking in Point Reyes. We decided to reorganize almost every piece of furniture in our apartment and are in the process of adding more. I made my first purchase from an Apple Store and got my very own iSight. Which rules. And last but not least, Tabitha has decided that graduate school is not for her and is off to bigger and better things.

What’s everyone else been up to?