July 24, 2003

Code Wrangling

My brother Bryce, on the phone.

A number of small changes have been made around the site recently. The weblog link fixer (a script which redirects requests for old weblog entry URLs to their new URLs) was repaired. The mouseover effect on the main navigation was changed from a Javascript solution to a CSS solution. The main nav also now indicates what section you’re in. A repair was made to the weblog script to prevent it from inserting empty paragraph tags. A tagline submission form was added to the right column. The unread forum messages table has been updated so that all messages prior to July 1, 2003 will be marked as read for all users. This helps with the forum load time. And finally the photos home page got restructured a bit and a new photo commenting feature has been added. That’s all for now.

Oh the photo. It’s Bryce in San Francisco on the Fourth of July. If you want the best Bad Boys 2 viewing experience possible, bring him along. =-)

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