July 16, 2003

La Jolla Symphony & Chorus

The La Jolla Symphony and Chorus

We’re very pleased to announce the immediate availability of our LJS&C website redesign. The La Jolla Symphony & Chorus was looking for a new design direction to serve as the foundation for an ongoing project to improve their presence on the web and worked with me to overhaul their design and front-end code. Many presentational modifications were made in order to create a more consistent and cohesive look and feel. In addition, the site is now built with valid HTML and CSS. This will not only improve their page load times but also make the site more accessible to a wider range of modern web browsers. Much thanks go to Sean for making it all happen. We’re very happy with the progress that’s been made and are committed to smoothing any remaining wrinkles.

To support any traffic which may come our way as a result of this project we’re also pleased to announce our new Design section. The goal of this section is to provide a landing page for visitors from the LJS&C and (more importantly) to provide an efficient method for anyone to report bugs in any of our projects.

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