August 6, 2003

Atom 0.2 Support

I am a content syndication junkie. I subscribe to over 100 feeds from various weblogs, tech websites, news sources, and so on. I’ve written scripts which publish six feeds of content from this site as well as five feeds for other sites. Every hour more new entries arrive in my aggregator. Since I choose the sources, the entries are generally on topics of interest to me. At this very moment there are 17 unread entries. I know this, because NetNewsWire knows this.

Innovation in content syndication formats is something of a war in certain circles of bloggers. One format (RSS 2.0) has won widespread acclaim for its ease of implementation and adaptability to many forms of content. A newer format (currently called Atom) is being developed which promises comparable ease, similar adaptability, but also greater flexibility and a more robust specification in order to handle additional formats and languages.

We’re continuing to support the old while adding on support for the new. All the feeds can be found on our Feeds page which is updated regularly with the latest improvements for both formats.

Update: Kottke writes about updating his feeds, the syndication war, and the value of human-readable XML formats. Anil then takes him to task for implying that human-readability and meme generation are the hallmarks of a superior format.

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