August 30, 2003

Mind Meld

We’re coming to you tonight from my family’s iMac G4 which is a deeply disturbed little computer at the moment. It’s poor operating system has slipped completely off its demented nut. It seems that after launching, and after successfully logging in, none of the user accounts are able load the Finder. Or, for that matter, many of the other programs. Therefore, we’re running off the OS in my laptop via FireWire disk mode while we troubleshoot. There is not a lot to go on from either Apple’s support website nor Google. If you have any insight or need further clarification, we’d love to hear it and would be happy to go into more detail. Thanks.

[By The Way: We’ve tried logging into single user mode and running fsck several times. It seems to encounter the same errors each time. We’ve also tried dumping the Finder preferences file to no avail.]

[Update: Okay, I think we’ve reached the “rescue as much data as possible then nuke the disk from orbit” phase. (It’s the only way to be sure.)]

[Lastly: We’re all better now. Check the comments for more.]

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