October 31, 2003

Kernel Panicing

From time to time, my new laptop has taken to spontaneously crashing with a frequency which is hardly customary for Mac OS X. The working hypothesis is that the source of the problem is the free RAM upgrade that MacConnection provided. They replaced the two original 256 MB chips with two 512 MB chips. I’ve read at Macintouch that some RAM is particularly unfriendly to the new 15-inch PowerBook G4s. I tried reseating the chips and it crashed again so I’ve reinstalled the original chips. So far, no crashes. If it keeps running smooth then I get to begin the unenviable process of haggling with the reseller about making good on these shoddy chips. I sure don’t want two more of the same brand but I doubt they’re going to give me cash. Sigh.

[Also: I’m just glad that the infamous defective screen problem hasn’t affected me, yet. (MacMinute, News.com, Apple Discussion Forum, PetitionOnline.com, BoingBoing.)]

[Update: No crashes yet with the original RAM installed. MacConnection is going to send me replacement chips of a different brand. So we’ll see if that works.]

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