December 6, 2003


The Blogroll

You may have noticed the new blogroll box in the column on most pages. This is something I’ve been meaning to implement for a while but I wanted to do it in a way that would require almost zero effort on my part to keep it up to date and I finally decided that the way to handle it was by exporting my list of subscriptions from NNW, uploading it to the server, and letting a script I wrote display the data on the site. Most visitors will see the box with a list of five randomly selected blogs (and their feeds) and a link to the complete list.

Users of Safari (build 100 85.6 or higher), on the other hand, should see a scrollbox listing all of the blogs, links to their sites, feeds, and an indication of whether they’ve pinged a recent update tracker. I may make this drastically more useful version available to more browsers which support the CSS2 overflow property down the road.

The OPML parsing is handled by PHP-OPML. The recent updates data is supplied by and And the rest is written by me.

In other news, MacConnection has reportedly refunded me the money for all the faulty RAM they’ve sent me so far which makes me very happy. Also, Apple has finally acknowledged the “white spots” problem with certain PowerBook G4 (15-inch FW 800) machines. (Fortunately this still hasn’t come up for me.)

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