December 17, 2003

The War of the Ring

The One Ring

Once again I passed on over-geeking for The Lord of the Rings and spent last night at home rather than in line at the Metreon. However, the lovely Tabitha and I will be on hand to witness the 3.5 hour Return of the King on Saturday night at the more reasonable hour of 7 o’clock. I must say it’s nice to be looking forward to seeing a movie that the rest of the world probably won’t hate.

Now, for some collateral geekery. Dave Brasgalla (of the IconFactory) has been firing on all cylinders with great Tolkien knick-knacks recently. First, the ring icon featured here is part of World of Aqua 4. Also, recent Quick Pix have featured LotR-related icons. Even iPulse has some Palantir-like jackets. And finally, Dave’s personal site (Pixelhaus) features a beautiful digital transcription of Tolkien’s original Middle-Earth map.

P.S. The Matrix rules.

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