January 5, 2004


Due to what I can only assume was temporary insanity on my part, I forgot to register to attend the Macworld Expo this year. I, of course, find this shocking and you should too because I’m pretty sure it’s one of the signs of the apocalypse. Maybe the eighth sign. At any rate we can all watch the keynote live on the web (out of the corner of our eye as we dutifully work the morning away) and swarm Apple.com afterwards for all the details. For what it’s worth here’s my take on the rumors:

  • GarageBand: If Apple comes out with software that makes it possible for any schmuck with a microphone and iTunes to sell their work through the iTMS, well, deezamn.

  • Safari 1.2: I’m hoping Safari gets an upgrade sooner rather than later. I don’t think there’s another program that I spend more time in than Safari and every little tweak and improvement is a delight.

  • iPhoto 3: I didn’t like the early versions of iTunes and the same goes for iPhoto. It still feels clunky and wrong but I’m hopeful that the “major iLife upgrades” rumor will translate into iPhoto’s transcendence into iTunes-like perfection.

  • Document: A long-rumored $100 competitor to Word a la Keynote and PowerPoint. If it can import Word documents (like Keynote can import PowerPoint docs) I’ll snap it right up.

  • FileMaker Pro 7: Can someone explain to me how to make two tables talk to each other in this program? I hope version 7 brings some legitimate “R” to this RDBMS.

  • Final Cut Express 2: I don’t have a digital video camera but if I did I’d use this software and would be thrilled for a major update.

  • PowerMac G5 2.5GHz: Likely to happen soon in order to keep on track for the promised 3GHz models in July.

  • New Cinema Displays: I’m hoping for the 20” to become the new low-end model priced around $1,000 and for a new 28” model to swoop into the high-end. Drool.

  • miniPods: First off, I’m really hoping that Steve doesn’t have a +40GB iPod up his sleeve but if he does, whatever, mine rules. As for the smaller versions, fantastic. Apple needs to compete in the low-end portable MP3-player market.

  • G5 Xserves: Pretty much completely outside my sphere of knowledge but hey, why not?

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