June 14, 2004


Nani (my sister and youngest sibling) has graduated from high school. To celebrate, she wired up some eight-player Mario Kart at her graduation party. I ate party food until I was quite certain it was time to stop. A great time was had by all and big congrats to Nani on making it through.

This of course means my parents have basically finished raising their four kids. (I say basically because I still tend to revert to kid-mode whenever I’m home for a visit.) This in itself, I think, represents an incredible accomplishment the likes of which few people can do well, and hardly any can do extremely well four times in rapid succession.

In the midst of all this Bryce has once again packed his worldly hoo-ha into his car (that car needs a name man), pointed himself eastward, and is currently engaging in his sixth(?) flat-out, high-speed burn across the country. He is already greatly, greatly missed. I had hoped we would get him for good this time.

Tabitha and I are apartment hunting and despite a renter-friendly market I don’t feel like we’ve found anything terribly wonderful yet. But we’re running out of time and have a few perfectly decent options so it’s not a huge concern.

I have been finding Gmail, Google’s web-based email app, oddly addictive but I still believe that email is best left to a desktop app no matter how much DHTML and invisible calls to hidden frames you cram into your browser-based software.

My camera auction did not go as well as hoped but I’ve got a few leads left that I’m hoping pan out. Dooce has gone and brought another D70 into the world and we are understandably drooly. Do I need that much camera? Maybe not. Do I want that much camera? God, yes.

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