August 3, 2004

A Bit More on the Donnie Darko Director's Cut

The post on the Donnie Darko Director’s Cut generated a lot of questions about where and when the film is playing in theaters. I came across a fan site for the film’s director this evening which seems to be doing a pretty good job tracking the showings. One entry has info on domestic screenings, and another entry links to a site that hints at an Australian showing. (Which had been specifically asked about in the comments of the earlier post.)

No showing in the Bay Area (just my luck) but lots of others and many are playing quite soon so check out that site if you’re interested. Good stuff.

[Update: If I had bothered to read the pages I linked to above I would have found my way to the site for Newmarket Films which (if you click on the “Playdates” link) lists many more showings, including several in the Bay Area on September 3rd. Hooray!]

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