March 19, 2005

The Greatest American Hero

I was giving my parents’ iMac a thorough cleaning a couple weeks ago (both digital and corporeal). In the midst of one particularly long progress bar (is it really necessary for Mac OS X to install all those language packs by default?) I started flipping through an Entertainment Weekly magazine. One little blurb caught my eye, which simply mentioned that a show I was a big fan of as a little kid was being re-released on DVD.

First of all, the fact that this show is now on DVD confirms my suspicion that everything will eventually be on DVD. I can’t believe that there’s a market for this show, and what’s truly frightening is that I am apparently that market.

There’s a handful of pop culture things I’m able to remember about the early 80s: Star Wars, the Atari 2600, I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett, Legos, and The Greatest American Hero. I was so into The Greatest American Hero when I was roughly five or six years old that my costume one halloween was “the suit” from the show.

And this wasn’t some cheap-o, red pajamas with a black sheet tied around my neck costume. This was a custom job. My mom took this thing to the next level. It was perfect. She nailed the cape, and the shirt, and the emblem (with the little marks at the top of the “arrow”), and the pants, and the belt. I kept the belt buckle for a long time because it was just that good.

When the DVD arrived in the mail at work today I’d completely forgotten that my folks had ordered it as thanks for the stuff I’d been doing that weekend. When someone asked me what I’d got, my mind snapped into defensive mode. “They won’t understand you fool!” So I sheepishly slid it into my bag, until such time as I could put my ownership of this wacky piece of television history into the proper historical context. =-)

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