May 27, 2005

Address Book Killed My Address Book

I haven’t had too many problems with Tiger so far. Yesterday, however, the built-in Address Book program nuked my finely tuned address book without so much as a “currently erasing everyone you know” dialog box.

Here’s what we know: Yesterday at 6:46 PM (48.523 seconds after the minute) AddressBookSync logged the following messages:

2005-05-26 06:46:48.523 AddressBookSync[8635] -[ABAddressBook save] failed.
Couldn't reopen AddressBook database. Home directory may not be ready or is missing.

It repeated the last message 23 times and then:

lstat failed -[ABAddressBook nts_Save]: No such file or directory

And proceeded to reiterate the “Couldn’t reopen… is missing” thing 3456 more times.

At this point you’re probably thinking, “Don’t you pay through the nose for .Mac? Just iSync your data back to life.” I tried that. What I got back was like a Star Trek transporter accident of contact info.

Fortunately the last backup (shortly before the Tiger upgrade) is fairly complete. But geez, spontaneous wiping of your address book without any way to auto-recover an earlier version? Boo.