June 22, 2005

Surplus Taxes

Ion, the Dickinson family cat.

Earlier this year, the Golden Gate Bridge sent me a friendly letter to let me know that I’d driven through the toll station without paying. Since I did pay the toll I wrote them back and asked that they produce evidence and stated that I would challenge their accusation if necessary.

A few weeks later the State of California wrote to let me know that I didn’t pay my 2003 state taxes. Since I did pay my state taxes I contacted my bank to get a copy of the check, then wrote them back to let them know that I had in fact paid and here’s the proof.

Then on the way up to Santa Rosa a couple weeks ago I got a speeding ticket. For doing 70. On a four lane highway. In light traffic. Because Highway 101 is limited to 55 mph for a ways around San Rafael. $114. VC 22350. I wasn’t even changing lanes.


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