February 5, 2006

Super Bowl Notes

Random thoughts, newest to oldest, for no particular reason…

  • The iWalt.com “Moment of the Game” was the Cars commercial. I’m going to look for a copy of that on the web. :)
  • [I kinda dropped off at this point. The Seahawks couldn’t catch and the Steelers made a few clinching plays.]
  • It was this close to being 21-3, Steelers. And just like that it’s 14-10.
  • This half-time show is much less creepy than Paul McCartney last year singing “Live and Let Die” with all that disturbing red lighting. (Heh, “You make a dead man… <insert awkward silence here>.“)
  • And… the Seahawks blow the end of the first half.
  • Touchdown! (Maybe… Yes, touchdown.)
  • Interception! (No help.)
  • Is that Cars commercial on the internet yet?
  • I’m back! (And just for the record, “incomplete pass” my foot… that just now was a freakin’ fumble.) :)
  • More Super Bowl bloggers
  • According to the server logs, no one is reading this. (Shocking!) :) I’m going to take a break.
  • Blockbuster sucks, no matter how much Super Bowl commercial time they can afford to pollute with their ads. :)
  • Coin toss prediction: The Steelers are going to take the Seahawks apart.
  • Is Han Solo reading “Oh The Places You’ll Go” to me?
  • Ben Roethlisberger’s TypePad-powered weblog.
  • Worst. National Anthem. Ever. (Okay, Aretha saved the second half.)
  • The Full Throttle energy drink ad was pretty well done. :)
  • What the hell? Did they work Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” into the intro for the pre-game show? Or was that my imagination?
  • Okay, that dancer’s miniskirt is way too mini.
  • ABC is having huge problems with their audio. People talking over each other, background stadium noise too loud, etc.
  • Note to self: Check the Safeway “lottery tickets” for number 75425522.
  • “If it’s 11:00 PM out there then I’m pretty sure they’ve already got the final score.” Um, that’s not how timezones work…
  • Kudos to Pizza Hut for following up their Jessica Simpson ad with a Miss Piggy spoof ad.
  • I’ve seen that “multi-beer strategy” Miller ad five times now. It gets worse every time and I’ve never wanted a beer less.
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