June 2, 2006

E Pluribus, Atom

For quite a while I’ve wanted an easy way to splice my various feeds into one combined überfeed. I’ve poked around with various services and code, screwed around with building it myself, and time after time given up in disgust. Recently though I became aware of Planet, a “a flexible feed aggregator” that seems to do exactly what I want, get the data, build the templates, repeat indefinitely.

So I downloaded the nightly build, installed, configured, and ran it (at this point there was a error with the include tree but it only took one email to the fantastic folks at SegPub before I left work to have it working by the time I got home) and presto, all my stuff in one place. Finally.

For now I’m experimenting with it on the home page of iWalt.com but once that’s working smoothly I’ll publish it as an Atom feed. Just what the internet needs, a river of Walt. :)

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