September 1, 2006


I almost let’s seventh anniversary slip by unnoticed! (Sixth, Fifth, Fourth, Third, and First.) Happy birthday y’old website. We’ve had some good time together haven’t we? :)

I’ve started posting (and geotagging) the photos from our recent trip to Canada on Flickr and I’ve been posting links to more regularly since I discovered and tweaked Fraser Speirs’s Safari → AppleScript. (The tweaks just let me edit the title and fill in a description before it goes to

I’ve been aggregating the stuff from the other sites here on iWalt using Planet and naturally I’ve got the latest version of Movable Type installed to handle the weblog work. Jay, Brad, Gene, Luke and everyone on the MT team did an outstanding job with the 3.3 release and I can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up next.

Of course, most of my time is spent with TypePad which has had a bunch of great new features rolled out in the past few months and we’ve got a whole bunch more queued up for the near future. :)

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