June 12, 2009

QotD: “Why did you start blogging?”

When I started college in 1995, UCSD was providing every student (in my on-campus residence at least) with free webserver access and free cable modems. I quickly discovered how fun and easy it was to publish stuff on the web. My first site was called “walt.homepage” and it lived at http://sdcc13.ucsd.edu/~wdickins/. The first couple versions weren’t blogs but over time I started posting more and more little updates in reverse chronological order. As time went on I registered my own domain, added timestamps and permalinks and archives and comments, and eventually even simple user accounts. By the time I’d been out of school for a few years I’d written an entire application to manage my blog’s content complete with a simple API for publishing via third-party blogging apps. Eventually, I went to work for a company that makes blogging software.

I started blogging because blogging was being invented and I wanted to be a part of it.

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