August 19, 2009


Every so often during my commute, I pass this car which is full (full, I tell you) of garbage. And not really traditional “car garbage” like a fast food bag or a bunch of maps. This is stuff that looks like it ads a tremendous amount of mass to the car. Newspapers and books. Floor to ceiling. All of the back and most of the front passenger seat. You could barely see over it.

And you’d think that this would be some old wreck of a car that has become a dumpster. It’s not. It’s in decent shape. It isn’t always in the same place. Someone is driving it on a regular basis. And today I finally got to see it in motion.

It’s about as you’d expect. Extremely low, slightly terrifying creaking sounds when it goes around turns, the constant threat of the doors bursting open and sending a million copies of Newsweek flooding onto the street. The shock absorbers are probably more for decoration at this point.

Anyway, I feel a little more a part of my neighborhood now that I’ve seen this thing in action. Any particularly nutty cars near your place?