September 27, 2010

Six Years Apart, March 13th, 2004:

On Thursday I accepted an offer to work for Six Apart, makers of the Movable Type and TypePad publishing tools. While it’s difficult (in some ways) to move on from a 3.5 year gig, it’s a fantastic opportunity and I’m thrilled (thrilled I tell you) to be a part of what they’re doing. I’ll officially be starting in a few weeks. =-)

Six Apart News & Events, September 21st, 2010:

Today we announced that Six Apart is joining forces with VideoEgg to form a digital media company called SAY Media. The new company will continue to embrace our mission to make creators successful by helping them grow and monetize their audiences. Together we will create a modern media company that will better serve both creators and advertisers.

I’ll always be immensely grateful to Ben and Mena for the opportunity to contribute to some of the great products that Six Apart developed. It’s been a wonderful six years. :)

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