October 19, 2010

Don’t Buy an iPad, Continued

Okay, it seems like a lot of people didn’t heed my advice, and bought an iPad. If you’re having buyer’s remorse, let me know. I’d be happy to do you a favor and take it off your hands. I’d be willing to go as high as $50. I know, I’m a saint.

As for the rest of you, well done. But don’t let your guard down. It’s almost the Winter shopping season and Apple’s up to its old tricks of releasing big software updates for free and making their products easier to buy. Seriously, I heard the iPad is in Best Buy and Target and even Verizon stores soon.

Do not be fooled! I mean, yes, it has the fastest adoption rate of any consumer electronics device in history. But I hear there are smaller tablets coming out soon. Because the fundamental flaw with the iPad is its big beautiful screen. And the competitors aren’t burdened with iOS. Huuuge advantage there.

You’re in the home stretch. Just don’t give in. If you can just— whoop, email notification, brb —where was I? Right, hold out. That “way better thing” is just around the corner.

Posted from my iPad.

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