October 22, 2010

The 11-inch MacBook Air

Tiny. Solid. I picked the wrong week to post a snippet of the Daily Show on my site. Hey Daily Show. H.264. Look it up.

This is why Snow Leopard has a smaller footprint. This is why iTunes doesn’t have a title bar anymore.

Seriously. Tiny. I need to try rebooting it before I leave. What else? I wonder if it has Photoshop on it. Nope. But it’s got Aperture. Wow. Snappy. Not snappy enough. But still. SSDs are nice.

Heh. Flash Player disk image on the desktop. But they didn’t install it? Odd.

I want one. But of course it wouldn’t work for me. What do you do? AirDisk I guess. Is that still a thing? Yup. “AirPort Disk” they call it.

Then what? Do these things still burn your lap? A 2GB AirPort Disk over 802.11N. Is that fast enough? Hm. Only one thing’s for sure.

I want one.

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