November 6, 2010

Meet the Graysons

So we had a number of options. She could take my name. Not down with that. Fair enough. I could take her name. No, thank you. Also fair. We could give the kid one name or the other. The odd one out on that approach doesn’t really feel like part of the family. So scratch that. We could hyphenate. But Dickinson-Granshaw (or vice-versa) is a tad long. Not fair to the kid. Not happening.

And the other option was to embrace the oft-joked-about mergification option. The “Dickinshaw” solution, as I liked to call it. But of course Dickinshaw is rediculous. (My sincere applogies to any Dickinshaws out there who find their way to this post.) So we enlisted the help of our families and scribbled down every combination we could think of until we finally settled on… wait for it… Grayson.

Dickinson and Granshaw. son and Gra. Gra and son. Gra y son. Grayson.

It feels a little bit like we finally finished getting married. :)