March 17, 2012

First Impressions of the New iPad

iPhone 4 Review” (June 22, 2010):

The “Retina Display” is going to be fantastic when it inevitably comes to the iPad. :)

I skipped the iPad 2, so the iPad I’m writing this on is thinner, lighter, and way faster than the iPad I was using a week ago.

The screen is amazing, blah blah you’ve heard it already.

I may have mentioned this before, but I’ve always thought that the killer third party app for the iPhone is Twitter, but that the killer third-party app for the iPad is Instapaper.

Marco Arment managed to pull off a last-minute, release day Instapaper update with high resolution graphics and some really excellent typefaces. I couldn’t be happier.

Both Reeder and Tweetbot have been retinafied as well. Just fantastic.

Hoping to see new versions of the NPR app, Things, and 1Password soon.

I have to say that I find iPhoto for iOS a bit convoluted. I haven’t had a chance to check out iMovie yet.

I wrote this post in the retinafied version of iA Writer. (Wasn’t one of the features of iA Writer on the Mac the ability to see Markdown text partially formatted? Doesn’t appear to be a feature of the iPad version. Also the constant sliding in and out of the title bar is driving me nuts.)

So far I’ve only indulged in one new App Store purchase: Real Racing 2 HD. It’s nice.

Oh, and one more thing: looks pretty damn great on it too. :)