July 9, 2012

“We’re getting wildly differing assessments”


The Court has finished announcing the rulings in the two other remaining cases for the Term. From his center seat, Chief Justice John Roberts begins his oral summary of the Court’s decision in the health care case: “I have the opinion for the Court in…”

Downstairs in G42, the Court’s press room staff opens a huge white box and begins handing out the decision. Every reporter grabs a copy and races out.

At their cubicles, the CNN and Fox producers pick up phones connected to their control rooms and reporters, say the decision is out, and begin urgently reading the syllabus — the summary of the ruling published at the front.

The week before, the Court declined our request that it distribute this opinion to the press by email; it has complete faith in the exceptional effort it has made to ensure that the website will not fail.

But it does.

Get the popcorn.

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