September 1, 2012

Thirteen is now a teenager. Terrifying.

Yes, thirteen years ago today I retired the “walt.homepage” proto-blog and started publishing stuff here. For your historical amusement, I’ve dug up the highly embarrassing announcement that I sent to a few people before it officially went live:

On September 1st, the writer/producer/creator and star of walt.homepage is primed to deliver a World Wide Web experience so awash in narcissistic Waltiness, his family, friends, and the internet at large may never recover. The project, nearly four years in the making, utilizing hundreds of man-hours of preparation and drawing on a plethora of publishing disciplines will finally be unmasked this fall with the premiere of…

…wait for it…!

Yes, it’s horrifyingly self-centered and egotistical but disturbingly real. Finally, a complete informational source on the man, from the man. Photographs! Soundbites! Interactive multimedia projects! Every quantifiable piece of knowable human data digitized and electronically published for the globe’s consumption right down to the latest bowel movement. (Maybe not that much information.)

They said it couldn’t be done, they said it shouldn’t be done, they said they wouldn’t speak to him for a while if he did it… he wasn’t paying attention.

On September 1st, the World Wide Web is going to get a whole lot Waltier!

Walt Dickinson

That email address reminds me of how it was an open nerd secret at UCSD that anyone could get an alias for their account by connecting to some unprotected system and setting it up. (Obviously, I won’t receive mail sent to that address anymore.)

Anyway, yes, thirteen years. Onward.

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