January 24, 2013

Anne Turns Two

Today Anne woke up and wanted to play with her Play-Doh. She likes the purple Play-Doh, I’ve been using the green. She asked me to make a little person out of mine. I did that last time and she remembered. When she was done playing we got her mostly dressed and started making breakfast. We had pancakes with apple sauce. At some point when I was in the kitchen she got hold of the apple sauce and had spooned some on to her tray. So I got her a bowl and gave her a bit more. After breakfast I finished getting her dressed and we went out. She runs down the hallway and holds my hand in the garage. We run some errands and eventually get to the park. She kicks her legs as she swings and leans back just enough to feel like she’s falling and then laughs. She runs from one end of the playground to the other, eats from her snack cup, and throws twigs into a puddle. For the first time in months she climbs to the top of a slide and slides down. Then she does it again. And again. Each time she tells me that she’s climbing a mountain, pointing at the top of the structure before she slides down. After ten consecutive slides I suggest that we get going and see whether we can get a walk-in haircut. We can, no waiting. The place is designed to be as distracting as possible but she’s fascinated by what’s happening to her hair. But she doesn’t cry, or squirm. She holds her stuffed puppy and watches what’s happening in the mirror. We make one more stop at the grocery store for a cupcake and some things for her party. In the checkout line we ask for a couple balloons. She holds onto the balloons until we get to the car, then she lets me put them in the front passenger seat. We get home and have lunch. She naps. I work. She wakes up and gets some calls from her relatives. Two FaceTime, one Skype. The three of us have dinner. She opens her presents. We dim the lights and sing to her. She blows out two candles on a jumbo cupcake (with assistance). She only eats a thin slice of the cupcake but the concentrated sugar hits her bloodstream with force. She bounces around for a little while before we’re able to finish the bedtime routine. We read to her, we sing. Eventually, she falls asleep.

Happy Birthday Anne. I love you.

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