November 18, 2001

Return of the Photos

My room at the Habbo Hotel., once a photography juggernaut, featuring intercontinentally submitted adventure photos (thanks to our in-family thrill-seeker Bryce) and every-day friend and family photos, has been languishing in an era of code development and feature enhancement. I’m hoping to get back to the photos in the coming months, possibly with a new camera, new tools for user submission of photos, and new methods for displaying the photos.

One of the first steps to this process is enabling the ability to add photos to the weblog. I tinkered with this feature tonight, the photo above is something I put together a while back after buying some furniture for my room in the Habbo Hotel. (I spent like $3, it was fun.) Anyway, it’s cool.

Also, I highly encourage others who want to start blogs of their own to sign themselves up with BlogSpot. It’s free and fully functional, check it.

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