November 18, 2001


I think I felt this earthquake a few minutes ago. Rob’s whole place shook just a little bit. Pretty spooky.

At about 1:30 am this morning I realized that the meteor shower was probably in full effect and that the least I could do was to take a look, despite being in the heart of a city. Within a few seconds I’d seen two small shooters and a couple of seconds later a huge arc shot across the sky, turned green and then faded away just as it had come in. From some other part of the city a huge cheer went up. The air was extremely cold and despite wearing two jackets, I was cold as well. Plus it was frustrating not being able to see the entire sky at one time. I tried laying on my back on Rob’s deck. But the wood was wet and I became even colder. So I watched for as long as I could, saw more bits of space crap burn through the atmosphere than I could count, and came inside. It was awesome.

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