December 3, 2001


Edward Tufte

I went to see Edward Tufte’s seminar on Information Design today. He studies and designs representations of multivariant data which communicate complex sets of data in easy to understand formats. All very interesting and a much appreciated birthday present from the folks. If you’re looking for something to add to your gift list, consider one of his snazzy books.

It was also interesting to hear that Tufte uses Philip Greenspun’s ArsDigita Community System. I went to see Greenspun speak (a while ago now) and was really impressed by his ideas about how useful the internet (and specifically, the web) could be. He created which is, in itself an amazing community resource about photography.

In other news, Nani’s and Dad’s iMacs are on the fritz. I have to pay $100 to move my DSL service from San Diego to San Francisco which is cheaper than just shutting it off ($150). Damn you one-year contracts! That’s about it. I’m still at work. It’s getting late. I’m going home.

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