December 2, 2001

Too Much Driving

Three hours after work on Friday I borded a bus for Santa Rosa. The next morning I packed up the Previa with stuff I’d left with my folks, and Art and I set off for San Francisco. When we got there it was raining, and getting dark, and there was no way to keep the entryway door open. So Art held the door while I unpacked the car myself, which was parked on the sidewalk since, hey, it’s San Francisco. So once we got everything inside we got the keys to the building, went to park the car in a garage, walked back to my building in the rain, spedread the lease, signed it, and collapsed on the floor. Somewhere in there I realized that my shoes had a large hole in the bottom of them and my feet were soaked.

So I changed my socks, we walked up to Rob’s place to get some of my things (and to crawl around underneath Rob’s floor to check on some leaking issues). After the crawling I decided to burn everything I was wearning (or at least wash all the insulation off it), and jump in the shower. Now, I wanted to get my bed down to my place (which consists of one regular twin mattress, one twin-sized piece of foam, and one king-sized comforter) but Art wanted to see a movie and didn’t want to take two trips. So we carried it all down in one trip and set off to the movie theater, buying dinner along the way which we carried into the theater in my coat. =-)

The movie was Behind Enemy Lines. I expected nothing from this movie and it somehow still managed to disappoint me. If I can prevent just two people from paying to see this movie then my suffering will not have been in vain. After the movie we caught some buses back home, picked up a few more things from Rob’s place, and went home to sleep.

We’ve just now gotten back to Santa Rosa and I’m going to try and catch the next bus back to San Francisco. (Hence the title of this blog.) =-) Once back, I’ll have a zillion more things to do ranging from laundry to freelance work. Whew.