January 31, 2002

Dial B for Blogger

After a bit of pestering about the virtues of Blogger and permalinks, Rachelle has retooled her weblog. And finally sold her Jeep.

Megnut has done something rather innovative by turning Blogger against itself. By developing a Blogger API client which anyone can use to post to one of her own blogs she’s developed a sort of instant virtual community. Just add water.

I was sorry to read that Patrick has stopped development of his weblog redesign. Especially since it looks so darn cool.

CamWorld links to a Motley Fool article on the existance of .NET and how it relates to Apple’s new internet aware services. I love internet-aware services. Like iPhoto and the Linkifier. =-)

I stumbled across this weblog by Todd Dominey recently and every time I’ve been back he’s posted on something I’ve either posted myself or been thinking about. He devotes a little more time to his log writing than I do and I’ve become a daily visitor.

Oh, and iWalt.com 5.0 is coming along nicely. I want more suggestions! Serious ones people, c’mon!

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