February 1, 2002


Market Street

I’ve been using Moodstats for a month and a half now. At times I get a little behind and have to retroactively determine how I was feeling over the past week. On the whole though I’ve done a good job of keeping up. (Spending $15 on completely unnesessary software will do that for you.) It’s strangely comforting to know that my moods are now quantified and stored remotely, becoming part of a vast database of highs and lows, loves and fears, joys and stresses. =-)

It’s been a year since he arrived in New York and redesigned his site. Now Mark has finally restarted his weblog as well. Check it. It’s good stuff.

I hate it when I touch my metal-cased computer and get a big fat spark.

[Photo: The view out my office window of Market Street this evening.]

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