January 13, 2002

My Weekend

Bryce and Art in San Francisco.

I had told Tabitha that there were two projects that I wanted to accomplish this weekend since I was going to be staying in the city but that I probably wouldn’t get to either of them. And that’s exactly what happened.

I had a great weekend nonetheless. Rob and I went to eat Indian food Friday night and were in total agreement as to what we would order until the waiter skillfully upsold us. By the time he was finished with his salespitch, we weren’t sure what we had ordered. But it was great. We watched half of A Bridge Too Far (long movie) and I went home, staying up way too late tinkering with the DVD tool.

Saturday I slept in, went back to tinkering, talked with Tabitha on the phone, went looking for the barber, met up with Bryce and Art, watched three-fourths of the Raiders game, and saw Orange County at the Metreon. (There was a line for the automatic ticket dispensers. Grrr.)

Today we slept in again (I got up before noon, Bryce and Art got up shortly after 1), went to KFC for Popcorn Chicken (a disgusting new obsession of mine), ate over by the kite-flying field, and they dropped me off near the barber shop I’d found but not had time to patronize the day before. I said goodbye to Bryce and Art, got my haircut, came home and complained to my new building manager about the beeping noises my smoke alarm likes to make once in a while, and started writing this blog.

I’ve packed a lot in, but I never did either of the two things I told Tabitha I wanted to do. Oh well. Maybe the weekend after next.

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