January 12, 2002

The Next Step

The iWalt.com DVD Tool has met with some success since its launch nearly seven months ago. It currently supports 155 unique DVDs, 188 total discs, and 9 users. More than anything else I like it because it’s interesting to know what kinds of movies people own, as it says something about them.

Anyway, a long while back I carved out an interface for a DVD edit tool and thought to myself, “Man that’s gonna be tricky to program.” And it stayed just an interface for a very long time. Tonight I took it to the next level, redesigning some of the interface and making it pull live data from the database. For example, if you were to edit my copy of Citizen Kane this is what you would see because that’s the data I’ve entered in for it. You can’t actually edit it yet. That’s another “up-till-two-in-the-morning” night.

Anyway, I’ve love to hear feedback about the interface. The thing as a whole still has a long way to go but I’m still interested in developing it as a way to share discs with other people as well as a forum to share thoughts about the films.

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