April 10, 2002

It's Wednesday?

Blogging: The art of making your life sound more interesting than it is.

Where does the time go? Tonight has been about three things. Talking with Tab on the phone. (A common occurrence.) Doing a load of laundry. (Need fresh socks.) And backing up a lot of new and improved MP3s. (Why must I get so many burn errors?!)

I’ve been going through my MP3s in my “spare” time for months now, updating their tags, getting all the little metadata in better shape. I’ve done so much work on it that I’ve been thinking it’s high time to back it up before the hard drive melts. I need a device that can back my whole hard drive up to one disc. How much do DVDs hold these days?

Aside from that, nothing else really exciting going on. This weekend I’ll finally (most likely) be spending in San Francisco. Although I may find myself appartment-hunting in Berkeley for most of it. =-) And I’d like to finally make it over to Golden Gate Park if the weather permits…

[Also: A conversation with Stephen Hawking. Via Slashdot.]

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