April 8, 2002

Weekend Update

Protest March

While at work on Friday, I snapped this photo of a protest march on Market Street. It’s not a particularly good photo and I took some more when they were making their return trip up the other side of the street. I haven’t looked at them all yet. It’s good to see people nonviolently making their voices heard. I just wish someone had the right answer.

In lighter news: Did anyone else see Tina Fey’s batteries die during Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live? Too funny.

The 0.2.0 release of the Cocoa implementation of the Gecko engine is out. The new Chimera sports Quartz rendering and a slew of tiny bugs and missing features. I’ve got high hopes. It’s like using OmniWeb but with good CSS rendering.

I had a great time in Santa Rosa this weekend celebrating Tabitha’s birthday with her and her family as well as visiting with Dad, Art, Nani and the doggies. Bowski insisted that I continually throw his drool-coated tennis ball for him. This, unfortunately, sent him smashing into the kitchen a few too many times, but he kept insisting I throw for him.

Tabitha and I went for a walk around Spring Lake on a beautiful and oddly deserted day. Dad and I went to see The Royal Tenenbaums which I’m still digesting but definitely wasn’t as into as Bottle Rocket or Rushmore. But it wasn’t bad either. Need to see it again sometime.

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