June 19, 2002


Brian has started conceiving his own Mozilla/Netscape Sidebar. Awesome. (And he listens to DigitallyImported. Nice.) I’ll be interested to see where he goes with his Sidebar. Last night I finally patched some bugs on my Sidebar. The sorting is more accurate now and it’s more intelligent about finding matching sites at Weblogs.Com. I also added a new feature which displays all the fresh weblogs so you can now toggle between my list of links and Weblogs.Com’s.

This is giving me an interesting idea. If Brian and I both made our link lists available in some sort of XML syndication format, then we could both include the other’s list of links in our Sidebars. And if everyone with a list of favorite links did that… well you get the idea.

[Also: Doc Searls is pointing to a great idea on how to use the Google API to add value to weblogs.]

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