June 1, 2002

The Store, Reborn

The iWalt.com T-shirt

Somehow, in the midst of cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry, taking out the trash, and generally getting into moving-across-the-bay mode, I managed to update the merchandise in the iWalt.com Store at CafePress. There are a bunch of new purchasables, everything is now as cheap as it gets, and there’s a funky new logo, in the style of the latest apps. Enjoy.

[Also: Once again, this blog was created with the Blogizer. It’s coming along although I’m stuck on a particularly sticky widget at the moment. If you can tell me how to get the tag of the current menu item of a popup button inside a tab view where the event is clicking a button in the same tab, drop me an e-mail, please.]

[Tomorrow: Or I guess, later today, is a big day. Large, heavy things will be lugged across the bay and my current appartment will be on display to prospective replacements. It’s going to be a bumpy weekend.]

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