June 2, 2002

Moving and Canoeing

I’ll add more to this blog tomorrow when I’m reborn with energy. Right now I’m wiped. All my stuff has been moved to the new place. And the old place is clean as a whistle. Quite possibly cleaner than when I moved in. And somehow, in between bouts of moving, I found myself in Santa Rosa. In Spring Lake park. In a canoe. With Dad and his two dogs. Searching for something that was never to be found.

I had a great weekend. More tomorrow.

[Also: Bryce has insisted that “iWalt.com” be added to the new shirt designs and while I was planning on going another way with this series, I’m all about customer feedback and giving the people what they want. So if you like the stuff the way it is, buy it quick because soon everything will be updated.]

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