June 3, 2002

Weekend Wrap-up

So yeah, long story short: I scrubbed the bathroom, washed all my clothes and dishes, took out all the trash, relaunched the store, met my folks and Art, moved three quarters of my stuff to Berkeley, went up to Santa Rosa, attended a family friend’s high school graduation party, threw the frisbee with Dad and Bowski, passed out in front of the television watching SNL, woke up and walked around the lake, lost Bowski’s fetching toy in the lake, rented and rowed a canoe with Dad and both dogs to search for the toy, finished the walk without the toy, ate lunch, drove back to San Francisco, had a massive allergy attack, packed and cleaned the rest of the apartment with Dad, brought the rest of the stuff to the new place and promptly passed out.

It’s more than safe to say that without the family involvement, I’d still be at the old place. Packing and scrubbing. Packing and scrubbing.

[Also: This entry was also brought to you by the now-feature-complete iWalt Blogizer. Tomorrow, screenshots.]

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