July 28, 2002

A Weekend of My Own

My neighborhood.

I spent all day inside yesterday. I played Warcraft, I tweaked the site, I watched Deep Space Nine and a PBS show about UN weapons inspectors in Iraq, washed all the dishes and paid all the bills. It was nice.

I was tempted to do the same today but another part of me is yelling for me to at least walk around the neighborhood a bit and get a little exercise. Which is what I’ll be doing momentarily. Really I will.

[Also: Todd Dominey is right on the money with his endorsement of LiteSwitch. A slick app-switching tool from Protereon. Makes keyboard app-switching a very smooth process.]

[Later: Whew. My walk was warm, busy, and annoying. I snapped a couple of photos of the nicer bits. I was hoping to find three-cent stamps. The only place I found that sold them were charging a dollar. For two. Two three-cent stamps. There’s something basically wrong with that.]

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