July 30, 2002


No more Sprint PCS.

“The party you are trying to reach is too cheap to pay for cell phone service for the time being.”

It’s shocking but true. I’ve decided to quit coughing up my hard-earned dough to Sprint PCS for a while. The reasons: I mainly used the cell phone to talk to Tabitha every night long-distance which isn’t an issue now. It’s nice to have it when you’re trying to meet up with people in the city some evening, but not $50/mo nice. It adds up quick.

So if you need to reach me you’ve still got email, instant messaging, the home phone, the work phone, and carrier pigeon. Delicious carrier pigeons.

And speaking of delicious, I’ve also switched my long-distance service (back) to Working Assets. Check it out. It’s socially-conscious long-distance meets delicious Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Yum.

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