July 18, 2002

Instant Messenger

Rob: “Greetings, Earthling.”

Me: “State your name and business strangeone…”

Rob: “I am from the planet Vortex 239 and I have come to rescue you from the evil Bazkzkar race that will soon be invading your small, blue planet.”

Me: “The Bazkzkarians have come and gone my large, furry, orange friend. I defeated them with a Krelp blaster which came from time-traveling humans from the future.”

Rob: “No, I believe you are mistaken, MY green, fuzzy, purple striped friend. Yes, you did succeed in killing the Bazkzkarians, but they have a mutated race that has time traveled back in time to eliminate you - the soon to be leader of a holy, intergalactic war between the Qxyzar quadrant.”

Me: “From my appearance you must have realized by now that I am no Earthling. At least, no Earthling indigenous to this world. I too come from the Qxyzar quadrant to defend the Earth peoples from those evil mutated Bazkzkarians (which call themselves the Nulgax). My race is the Flangoon, and we will stop at nothing to defeat them. No matter which temporal node they hail from.”

[Back In Reality: Amazon Light is a Google-like tool, based on the new Amazon Web Services API, for searching Amazon’s database. “Your got Google on my Yahoo!” “You got Yahoo on my Google” And so forth.]

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