July 17, 2002

Macworld Expo NY 2002

First thoughts: Apple’s not handing out freebies anymore. I may have to let my Mac.com email address expire. I hope they announce some sort of upgrade price for Mac OS X 10.2. I really like the look of the “Jaguar” pages. I’m happy that iTunes 3 is out. The new iPods and iMacs are nice too although I can’t say I’m inspired to run out and buy one. Although I did get my hands on a copy of Warcraft III running on a Power Mac G4 with a Cinema Display… and damn.

[ü: Nick is pissed about .mac pricing.]

I’m loving all the refinements in the new iTunes. The tag editing screens look much slicker than before. The “smart” playlists were a smart addition. And the XML-exporting feature, I’m not sure if it was in the previous version or not, but it’s cool.