August 18, 2002


This so-called blog has not had the attention it deserves. (There’s a weird thought.) My point is that I’m busy, and I’d rather fill this column with pithy thoughts about the shoddy state of our little democracy or brag about how happy I am for being able to spend time with Tabitha and the family. But as The Dude says, I gotta feed the monkey. Today I found myself on a slow BART to the city to spend some time at work finishing a hideously long document that needed work. Then back home to work on something else for just as long. So by the time I can turn to look at “Ye Olde I, Walt” I’m already coasting on fumes.

Yawn! Anyway, hope y’all are not quite as busy as I and spent your Sundays running free through the streets of your home towns, eating watermelon and unexpectedly turning a sprinkler on a loved one.

Over and out.

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