August 19, 2002

The Blog Lazy

Dave Hyatt says he’s been “neglecting” his blog as well. His excuse: Warcraft 3. I haven’t flipped it on since finishing the human campaign. Which was a while ago. That’s a good excuse. Scripting guru Dave Winer asks fellow programmer Robert Scoble why he hasn’t been blogging. Another good excuse. =-)

[Elsewhere: If you’ve even wondered where Google gets those wonderful toys, this PageRank analysis is worth a read. Justin recently turned me on to this resource for broadband services. It could use a bit of cleaning by a designer but there’s a bunch of good information in there.]

I spent a little while tonight trying to get straightened out with Daypop and Blogdex. The former uses an excessively long URI and the latter has me blacklisted at being “Offline” for no good reason.

[Last thing: Gizmodo. Gizmo news, updated daily. Check it out.]

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