September 15, 2002


Ah, the joy of DSL subscribership. The old DSL modem imploded at some point in the last couple days. So we’re blogging at about 48000 bps right now. Earthlink will send a replacement, free of charge, but in the meantime I’m stuck in Slowville.

[Later: So I’m sitting here on dialup, waiting for pages to load, I flip on the AirPort card to see if there are any signals, and there is one. The name of the source is WSR-5000, so I Google it. It’s not encrypted, so I’m able to use it. Now I’m wondering who it belongs to and whether they’re making it available to others intentionally or accidentally. Here’s a feature request to the WiFi powers that be: How about including a tag in the information about the source which indicates whether the signal is free for anyone to use. I mean, the implication is that by not password-protecting the signal, you don’t care who uses it. But using that kind of logic would probably get me yelled at. =-)]