September 16, 2002

Blog For Blogging's Sake

I’m planning on trying to make it to Weblogs: Challenging Mass Media and Society at UC Berkeley tomorrow night. It’s a panel discussion featuring an impressive collection of speakers including Meg Hourihan, Dan Gillmor, and Rebecca Blood. Hopefully it’ll be as interesting as the last semi-similar event I went to last March.

I wrote the author of NetNewsWire Lite to see if he wouldn’t be so kind as to include this humble weblog’s RSS feed in the 1.0 release of his snazzy aggregation software. In case you use the tool and want to know what sites I subscribe to, here’s an exported OPML file.

[Also: Finally! You can mount an FTP server (for read-only access, but still) right in the Finder. This is something that should have been around a long time ago and I can’t fathom why you can’t upload but still… sweet!]

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