September 18, 2002


I’ve been bitten by spiders while I’ve been sleeping about three times in the last two years. All of these bites were on my face, the first of which left a bit of a scar. I vacuum, I kill every spider I see, I beg them to leave me alone, and still the buffet continues.

The latest installment of this saga started yesterday when I felt a burny itchiness around the toes on my left foot. I figured it would most likely go away like one of those 30-second cases of athlete’s foot but it didn’t. It got so uncomfortable that by the time I got home last night I’d been walking funny for so long, the whole left side of my body was feeling battered and tweaked.

It’s another spiderbite, right between my second and third toes on my left foot. It’s a bit of a doozy too. Much worse than the previous bites. I’ve been slathering it with cortisone and contemplating sawing my foot off but I think we’re into the waiting game phase at this point. I promise not to post any photos of it … for now. =-)